Celebrate What Delights You! Hop like a Bunny!

Celebrate What Delights You! Hop like a Bunny!

When Cottontail Rabbits are happy they run and jump in the air, twirling their little bodies up to fifteen feet high!

Knowing this fact, the photo above is just that much sweeter! Although this little guy isn’t jumping quite that high… it’s clear that he is feeling overjoyed at the sight of his buddy.    

            We all have someone or something that makes us feel like we could soar. Whether it is your best friend like these Cottontails, a chocolate chip cookie that’s crunchy on the outside and gooey in the middle, receiving a package with a bunch of bubble wrap to pop, a big wet kiss from your furry friend, having a public restroom all to yourself, hitting all the green lights on your drive home, finding that perfect position to sleep in, or ending on an even dollar amount pumping gas, each of us has that one special thing no matter how seemingly insignificant it is to others. 

           Life has so many simple pleasures to offer, we only have to be present enough to recognize them. In the hustle and bustle of our day to day, it is so easy to forget to stop for a moment and celebrate what delights you. Whether it is that cool summer breeze, hugs from your parents or even a few moments of quiet- I hope you jump for joy. 

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