Get In Touch With Your  Inner Warbler

Get In Touch With Your Inner Warbler

Did you know that Yellow Warbler’s nests are frequently parasitized by the Brown-headed Cowbird? Due to the cup-like shape and easily accessible location of these nests, other birds who are consistently larger in size take advantage of them and lay their eggs within (Audubon Field Guide.) Notably, the yellow warbler does not vacate their hijacked nest but proceeds to build another nest of their own right on top of it! No matter how many times that the Cowbird returns to lay eggs in the Warbler’s nest the unrelenting Warbler builds another nest above it with the possibility of reaching up to six layers high, triumphing in the end. 

Each and every one of us should make an example out of this small yet mighty bird.  When faced with adversity by those much larger than themselves they do not cower in fear or fly in the other direction, but are fierce in their protection of their home and their eggs. No matter how many times their nest is inhabited by a different bird, the Yellow Warbler gets to work building a new one right on top of it, producing a bright and sweet song all the while. It would presumably be much easier to move the location of their home and let the larger bird remain- no feelings are hurt, no confrontations had. Yet this tiny bird finds the courage to continue to show up and stand their ground. If they can do it, why can’t we?    

When the Cowbird in your life is persisting, persist further. Get in touch with your inner Warbler and advocate for yourself and what is important to you!

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