Throw on a Crown and Remind Them Who They Are Dealing With!

Throw on a Crown and Remind Them Who They Are Dealing With!

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Gather ‘round the porch where I sit
As I tell you all a tale 
When I was just a tiny tadpole
And obsessed over every little detail

I compared myself to others
Was always filled with self doubt 
My eyes too big, my leap too short
What others seem to have had, I went without

When I was surrounded by the ones I love 
All of those worthless feelings faded
They cheered me on but when I was alone
I went right back to feeling jaded

So why one moment was I on top of the world
And the next questioning my worth?
I always wanted what others possessed
And failed to see my value on this earth

It was so easy for my friends to love me
So why shouldn’t I take self love for a spin? 
Now instead of trying  to please everyone else 
My reassurance comes from within 

So look at your reflection in the pond 
And give yourself a  big hug 
Then maybe even catch yourself 
A nice juicy bug! 

Say “I am worthy and I am brave 
I do my best and that’s always enough” 
I place a flower crown on my head and encourage myself 
Even though sometimes it is tough!

Do you agree that it is much more convincing when a loved one or even a stranger compliments you than when you try to tell yourself? Somehow “you’re an incredible artist” holds a great deal more merit than “I’m an incredible artist.” This is no fault of our own- we are social creatures and naturally seek the approval and validation of others’ perceptions of us, yet it is causing us great harm. Be aware of this common practice and reverse your way of thinking. It is lovely when others appreciate the work we do or who we are but ultimately, it is your opinion and your opinion alone that truly matters. Our perception of ourselves can make or break your attitudes, interactions with others and even your outlook on life! Just like what our frog is showing us here, sometimes you have to just throw on a crown and remind them who they are dealing with!

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