Portrait Services



Thank you for your interest!

We (Jonathan Rocheleau and April Eaton Brown) have teamed up to provide portrait services! Although we have two different styles, our photography compliments each other and the result is a gallery filled with choices.  An average gallery has 15 to 25 photos!

For a typical portrait session, such as seniors and families and pets, we set aside an average of one to two hours of shooting time. We are willing to travel within a short driving distance included in this fee (20 mile radius). Anything farther than this radius may require a small fee.  An online viewing gallery is available about three weeks after the photoshoot. This could be much sooner! With your permission, we will offer three sneak peeks on social media. 


We are location photographers, which means we do not have a studio and instead do everything on-location. Where we go depends on what fits your style and tastes best. Some people love the rustic, country locations with barns, fields, and trees. Other people like the urban scenes, with brick and concrete textures like you’d see walking around a quaint downtown or even in a larger city. Once you describe to us what you like best, we can narrow down a location– even if it’s not one we've described above. We are always open to hearing your ideas! The more details you can give us, the better.


These portrait sessions are $175, which is due at booking. We offer a la carte pricing for product (for example prints, prints on wood, canvas, metal and acrylic). We have samples of all print finishes to make choosing easier. You will receive a $25 credit towards product.  


  • Prints (Wallets and larger)
  • Wood, Acrylic, Canvas and Metal
  • Photo gifts such as keychains. 

Please contact us at tinyleafdesigns@gmail.com